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Why Use Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is Simple:
To Provide Support To Seniors Wishing To Age In Place


In-Home Care Solution is here to provide non-medical home care services tailored to your personal needs.  We are focused on helping you to achieve quality of life as well as providing companionship and security in order to help you maintain independence in the privacy of your own home.  


Living in familiar surroundings and maintaining regular routine is reassuring for  people of all age.  It is truer  for seniors and  persons with dementia to help them perform everyday activities.  When a person with dementia moves either with family member or to a care home facility, they may feel disoriented and experience further confusion.   Living in familiar surroundings can often help the person thrive and maintain independence for a longer period of time. 

Keeping You Independent

Medication Reminder

Though our care providers cannot administer medications, they can provide regular reminders for oral medications or injections, and can assist with pre-measured medication and the monitoring of side effects or other medical issues.

Meal Preparation

Some seniors fail to get adequate nutrition simply because they don't want to bother with preparing a meal and cleaning up afterwards. An In-Home Care Solution caregiver can prepare regular meals that maintain a healthy diet, provide sufficient nutrition for the application of medicines, and simply add joy and comfort to a senior's day. Plus, our caregivers handle all the clean up!

Social Activities

Our in home caregivers will take a client to a favorite activity—perhaps a theater, art class, bingo, or a concert—and are happy to join in a game of cards or Scrabble.  In-Home Care Solution helps match specific caregivers to clients' interests and habits.

Shopping, Errands & Transportation

Getting groceries, prescriptions, or dry cleaning are common needs of those who want to maintain independence at home.  An In-Home Care Solution caregiver can provide these services directly, including shopping at specific stores for a client's favorite or needed items. They can also provide incidental transportation for our clients who would like to run errands and socialize, all while ensuring the client's well being.

Light Housekeeping

Our home health caregivers provide vacuuming, dusting, trash removal, organizing and tidying rooms, closets and drawers, and the thorough cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms. A tidy home is a happier, more comfortable home, and In-Home Care Solution is here to help!

Laundry Service

We can wash, dry, fold, iron and put away clothing, bed linens, and towels for our clients. This in-home care service can save time and physical exertion—proving to be a boon for people who have trouble with mobility, experience joint pain, or tire easily. 

Elder Companion Care

Simply having a visitor from time to time can make all the difference in the world to someone living alone or perhaps caring for an ailing spouse. From sharing a conversation to sharing a meal, In-Home Care Solution means a home care companion and something—or someone—to look forward to.



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